House of Dreams 2017, Nixor Events

House of Dreams 2017, the highlights.

House of Dreams water carnival, marked the end of yet another successful summer at Nixor. According to Nixor Student Government Vice President, Bassam Ahmed, “It is often been called the flagship event of the Nixor summer session.” Every year the Nixor Student Government organizes a fun filled event not only to combat the heat but also for a very noble cause, i.e. collecting funds for the Gilgit project. Nixor Logistics X (NLX) collaborated with the Nixor Student Government to make this water carnival the highlight of summer 2017!
On 25th July 2017, the day of the water carnival had arrived and preparations were underway. At 8 am, volunteers assembled at Nixor and got to work! The rides had already been set up in the basketball court and now they started setting up the food stalls in the sky-box.
As the clock loomed close to 11 am, the anticipation and excitement grew tenfold! People started flooding in, including children from Nixor Civitas along with their parents. The speakers blared with upbeat music and the event commenced!
There were special attractions for the children of Nixor Civitas, such as the blow-up slide and Bear Cave which NLX had set up. However, these rides were not the only attractions for the children! The food stalls lured them in with an expanse of food options, such as Dream Studio and Nixor Studio Y’s cotton candy stall, which is always a hit with the kids! The parents were highly impressed with the execution of the event and how it catered to the kids. When speaking to a mother, she trilled with joy and remarked, “They did a fine job! And they’re making sure everything is running smoothly. That’s the main thing; that everybody’s taken care of.” Throughout the event NLX supervised the rides and in addition, Nixor Hospital provided ambulance service in case of any emergencies.
The volunteers from their respective entities actively supervised the rides. The “Atomic Bomb”, managed by Nixor Hospital and the Nixor Student Government, was a great hit with people. Students in great numbers, rushed to get in the queue for the ride. According to Jibran Rizwan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NLX, who had tested all the rides personally, “the best one was the Atomic Bomb.” Moreover, Taleem Sab Key Liye’s (TSKL) main attraction was “Rolling in the Deep” which was definitely one of the more difficult and intimidating rides. When asked about the ride, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Suleman said, “The ride is difficult. Even standing on in it in the start was quite difficult!” However, the TSKL volunteers took security precautions seriously and provided the ride-goers with helmets, while the volunteers stood in the pool of water to help out, if need be. The volunteers did a great job at maintaining order; NFS’s zip line, Adopt an orphanage’s (AAO) ride, “Pugil”, Nixor Event Management services (NEMS)’s “Sharknado” and Nixor Engineering Solutions (NES)’s dunk tank, had excellent precautionary measures! They provided helmets and knee pads and ensured that there were volunteers present around and in the ride at all times.
While the positive energy continued in the basketball court, on the other hand, in student union, Meri Bhi Aik Khwaish Hai (MBAKH) had set up “Cabana”. Here, there was complete tranquility as people lounged inside the air conditioned room, with Wi-Fi provision, drinks and food. Even the volunteers made use of the services and cooled off in Cabana. MBAKH put in all their efforts to make the experience worth it. According to Safa Akhter, the Chief Communication Officer (CCO), it was actually pleasant to work in Cabana. She said, “It’s a VIP resting area. We made it as VIP as we could. It’s relaxing and you’re working in air conditioning, what more do you want?”
The rides were not the only source of pleasure for people, as in the sky-box there were numerous food and drinks stalls, serving their purpose of re-energizing people as well as contributing to a wholesome carnival experience. There was a whole array of food, such as bun kabab, pizza, rolls, French fries, pani puri, chaat and to top it all off, there were was ice cream and cotton candy as options for dessert. The volunteers worked hard to provide good services and were always at their stations armed with food. A Dream Studios’ volunteer, Sanjana, who was managing the pizza stall (collaboration between Dream Studios and Nixor Media X) had a positive outlook on all the tedious work, as she said, “It’s amazing! (when asked about the sales) It’s fun and it’s busy so I’m not bored at all.” The food was a great hit with people and they kept coming for more. So the hard work definitely paid off!
The event carried on till 7 pm with a short break in between where water tankers were called in to change the water in the pools. Even though the activities were cut short as far as the rides were concerned, upstairs in the sky-box, the food stalls were inundated with people! They lounged about in the sky-box and when the rides were up and running, almost everyone was on their feet in sheer excitement.
The event was remarkably executed, as an admin member, Miss Tehzeeb, reaffirmed, “It absolutely is well executed, seeing how the volunteers are working. I find it very organized” The event was undoubtedly a great success! Even though the volunteers were exhausted by the end, they still had high spirits and pure glee on their faces. Jibran Rizwan, the COO of NLX, perfectly depicted the satisfaction at the success of the event, as he said, “It all went good, by the grace of God.”

By: Adina Arshad


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